Leadership Development Training and Executive Coaching in a Changing World

The world is changing, and companies must evolve to successfully thrive in the new world-order of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).


Leaders and employees are commonly finding it hard to keep up with the tide of changes. Many resist as they do not know how to reframe their experience in order to embrace the turbulence. Equip your leadership with agility and resilience to lead change with confidence through leadership development training and executive coaching.


Show your leadership how to replace anxiety and stress with excitement. Not only will this increase performance and employee engagement, this will also increase your bottom line.

Coaching Go Where, your partners in extraordinary leadership development

To get a different result from your leadership development training, you need a different approach...


Welcome to a new world of leadership training and executive coaching, based on the science of neuroscience, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and social psychology.  


Who said leadership development training must be square and corporate?

In a world where disruption is the norm, leaders who embrace new ways of thinking and learning will leapfrog their competitors. 

For Senior Executives

Extraordinary Leaders

We all agree the world is changing, leading change in business and across the organisation is now an integral part of of all top leaders skill sets.


Learn effective and proven tools and techniques that will help you move your business into the next generation of growth and innovation.

For HR, Project Sponsors & Teams

Managing Change

Managing a change programme, either as part of a larger initiative or merger/acquisition, takes planning and focussed activities.


Learn the fundamentals of successful change management strategy, approach, activities and key deliverables to ensure your change initiative succeeds first time.

For Senior Executives

Global to Local Leadership

It is a common challenge for global companies to successfully transition from expat leadership to local talent.

Cultural differences in management and leadership styles often lead to internal  issues.


Learn how to groom local talent so they can take-over with ease and grace. 

For Emerging Leaders

New Leaders

Ensure you have a pipeline of emerging leaders as part of your succession planning, give them the core skills and an inside-out approach to leadership that will grow and mature as they do within your business.


Learn the core competency leadership skill set as well as effective management tools and techniques to bolster their confidence and hone their leadership mindset, and they will prove to be an invaluable asset.



For Women Leaders

Rise: Women Leaders

All the research and evidence show that companies perform significantly better with women in top positions. With the push for diversity across the workforce, especially in c-suite and boards, grow your business and growing the number of high performing women.


Learn how to support women leaders rise to the top whilst retaining the unique female quality that compliments and helps a company in its diversity and innovation.  


For All Leaders

Leading Self

Only when you have you have dealt with your inner world, can you impact the outer world. We cannot outperform our self-image. To level-up takes more than just technical skills.


Learn how to refresh and reset your internal set point. Then consciously choose who you want to be through inside-out rework.  


The 6 Self Modules are: Self- Awareness, Self-regulation, Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance, Self-initiative, Self-Talk

Coaching Go Where - Our Approach

Training and Coaching For Sustained Growth

We all know that 'change' takes time. 


You know that words don't teach, only life experience teaches.


That's why Coaching Go Where Leadership programmes incorporate both training and coaching. You need to practice and create new habits and rituals to sustain the change.


You learn essential brain training skills for upgrading your thinking power,  and unleash your inner-power that will boost your life and everything important to you, make it easier for you to success first time!


Unique Blend of Neuroscience and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Power Tools and Techniques For a Full 360 Degree Transformation

The power of NLP coupled with neuroscience will provide a solid platform to change your thinking and your experience of life.


This is all backed up by solid scientific research and evidence, you will be getting all the cutting edge tools and techniques to use. 


The transformation in your professional life will be noticed by those close to you, at home and at work. When you rewire your brain, your mindset and beliefs, everything will shift for you. 


This means you need to get rid of your limiting beliefs and boost your confidence! Otherwise you will just end up self-sabotaging.


Choice of Customized or Standard Programmes

Choose from our range of established programmes or commission a special customized set to suit your needs. 


Your leaders will benefit from an energising, fully interactive and totally immersive learning experience. We mix roles plays with real-play scenarios, small and large group work, activating the whole brain; creative and logical. 


For a different result, you need a different approach, experience the Coaching Go Where approach to leadership growth and development.




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I have the pleasure of being in a leadership program that Anna leads.


I have really enjoyed my time learning, interacting and listening to Anna, as she has a fresh approach and is very curious about everything.


Anna uncovers those areas you might want to side step, and works with you to bring out your best. I would certainly recommend Anna if you need to rapidly grow in your role, and were after a passionate, articulate professional to propel you forward.


Victoria Gehrig

Group General Manager 

Isobar, Australia

I approached Anna to lead a workshop for my leadership team. After a discussion around my objectives, she put together a bespoke program to help us get there. 

The session was an absolute masterclass on leadership, building new habits, team management and goal setting. It left my team feeling energized, positive and focused. 

The session was met with such praise internally that we are already planning our second session with Anna.


Phil Adrien

General Manager,

denstu X Singapore

I had the real pleasure to have Emma as a coach when I was working in China. She is very supportive, positive, and great listener. She has an amazing capacity for building trust and immediately putting me at ease. She has a natural ability to develop self-empowerment and to make realize that all the tools and answers to change live are really in one’s own hands.


We dug deep into our discussions and she provided thoughtful feedback on how I can achieve my goals and overcome setbacks.


Antoine Deliege



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