Face-to-Face Gamification


A unique and high-impact training approach to maximise on your training ROI


Face to face gamification is live in-person training, in the style of ‘game-shows’ where teams compete as part of the learning journey.


It uses game mechanics to add interactively and high engagement as learners become players to complete challenges based on the topic and learning outcomes.

Does your company have mandatory training such as Compliance, Data Protection or Health & Safety?


If they are more than just a tick-box exercise let us help you double the engagement level and actual adherence through changing the training method from either online, class-room lecture or dull workshops.


We can show you how to have ridiculously high knowledge retention and behavioural change


This also works for most topics like Workday, Customer Service, new business processes or system changes.

Which Programme is Best for Your Company?

Design & Delivery

Our highly trained and experienced trainers and facilitators can design and deliver the gamified face-to-face training for you. 


3-Phase Approach

1. Discovery and needs assessment

2. Design and schedule 

3. Delivery and feedback


We will ensure your training outcomes are fully met - this is our guarantee of satisfaction!


If you have an internal training team, we can train, coach and mentor them to create and deliver your full range of mandatory training using this high impact approach.


Not only will this be more cost-effective for your company on the long run, it will also ensure consistency and high effectiveness across the board.



Feedback from Employees  

I think it is a great idea to turn it into gamification, I thought session 2 was particularly useful, with lots of example scenarios to play with on test mode in a fun way.


Anna Tan is great at getting people to participate even with low energy team members.

I love the gamification style.

It helps enhance my learning and to retain it as long-term memory.


Anna is very lovely, makes boring subject like Data Governance very enjoyable!



The training was very well conducted, and received.


Making it interactive, and getting the team to complete mock exercises, and participate in quizzes was a great idea for such a topic.



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