Coaching Go Where uses the latest neuroscience, NLP (neuro linguistics programming) and social psychology sciences to elevate leadership skills and mindset for a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.

Our 6R Model for Leadership Transformation Change

All our Leadership and Executive Coaching Programmes are underpinned by our 6R Model to develop, accelerare and sustain leadership transformation - from good to extraordinary. 

  • 1: Reinvent Yourself

    You cannot outperform the image you have of yourself.

    The key is to reinvent your identity, building one that helps you leapfrog hurdles and reach for the stars.


  • 2: Rewire Your Brain

    The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your thinking. 

    Learn how to rewire your thinking and switch from unhealthy, unhelpful negative self-talk to positive, enriching & creative ideas to inspire you into enthusiastic action..

  • 3: Release Limiting Beliefs

    Limiting beliefs stop us in our tracks, preventing us from the success we desire.

    Once you identify these, consciously reframing them will  replace them with a new healthy enriching beliefs instead, leading to more success.


  • 4: Rituals & Habits

    We breeze through life on auto-pilot. Our human subconscious brain automates how we think, feel & behave. However, we have now adopted habits that are not serving us in a positive way.

    Learn how to create and sustain new super helpful rituals & habits. 

  • 5: Resilience Booster

    Resilience is a key skill to help us bounce back stranger than before after setbacks. 

    Develop a mental and emotional shield that can ride smoothly over the pitfalls and barriers.

  • 6: Reactive Agile Thinking

    The world is constantly changing, even more rapidly now than ever.


    To be successful, learn how to lead the pack by building your agile thinking, pre-empting the changes, or even leading them! 

Meet Our Core Team

​Meet Our Core Team


Anna Tan

Anna's passion spans 25 years’ experience of facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring with numerous and varied clients across the Asia Pacific and the UK, across MCN’s industries, Government, public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations.


She works with clients to understand and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs so they can realise their ambitions and align them with their identity as leaders. This translates into shifts of identity, personal values and beliefs in order to make sustaining behavioural change and transformation.



She is a highly successful award winning consultant with over 22 years experience of leading multi-million dollar portfolios, as a project, programme and business transformation consultant. She has numerous accolades and won the prestigious UK Government – Cabinet Office Project and Programme Management Award.  She has co-published several academic papers on ‘Communities and Trust’.


She coaches C-suite and top level executives from MNC’s across APAC, transforming their business results.



Professional Qualified Coach (ICI), Advance MSP (Managing Successful Programmes), Advance PRINCE2 Project Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master and accredited Conversational Hypnosis.


Emma Noguchi

Emma has been focused on Coaching and Leadership Development since 2010. With an unwavering faith in human potential, Emma coaches  executives from various industries, focusing on leadership development for greater organisational results. She is also a senior trainer and faculty member at CCI, Asia Leading Coaching Institute.



Emma has 20 years of combined experience handling key clients in advertising, marketing and HR consulting. Educated in France, she moved to Japan after graduation and worked her way up in the Advertising industry, both for Japanese and International agencies. She was also the head of Carre Noir Japan, a design agency and developed clients such as Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Henri Charpentier, la Tour d’Argent, among others.


In Singapore from 2007, she was a Regional Account Director for Publicis Group, one of the top 3 communication groups to look after key accounts as well as business development.



Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF, Conversational Intelligence, Narrative Coaching






John Nielsen

John is a passionate leader using thought provoking questions to help others find the new answers and learn about undiscovered talent. He is known for challenging the norm and setting new standards for what is possible, leveraging all aspects of diversity and inclusion by living and breathing it, to solve tomorrows challenges in inclusive approach with the mindset “nothing is impossible”.


John’s life purpose is to inspire and help managers and leaders realize their full potential creating lasting impact in their organizations being authentic, using emotional intelligence and letting leaders being the best version of themselves realizing their big dreams and goals.



John has more than 30 years international experience building, leading and transforming large customer service organizations in both EMEA and Asia. He worked at Microsoft for 24 years and has reputation as inspirational and thought provocative senior leader and executive, leading and coaching people and organisations to new dimensions. He leadership principles has always been “listen to learn”, “ask to understand” and “believe in yourself”.


He is a global citizen, born and raised in Copenhagen/Denmark, moved to Germany for over 25 years, and has since lived and worked in Singapore for over the past 6 years.



ICC ACC, Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Team Coach, Marshall Goldsmith GLA 360 Certified, Insights, Hogan Assessment Certified


Yoko Francis

Yoko specialises in cross-cultural communications, targeting multinational corporations. As an executive coach, she works with senior leaders in diverse environments to better understand how they can lead mixed teams crossing cultural boundaries.  Yoko’s philosophy is to move through life without fear, and to stay positive and grounded in all circumstances with keeping a genuine smile – as a way to brighten the world around. Yoko believes that coaching is the most effective way for people to realise who they are and to make them enable to move their life forward.



Yoko has 20 years of corporate experience with Ministry of Finance in Japan and Financial Institutions in Singapore. Yoko also has an experience of setting up a small jewellery business as an entrepreneur, travelled to India to source gemstones, design and handcraft jewellery items. Yoko was born and educated in Japan. Yoko has lived in Singapore since 2003.



Bachelor’s degrees of Education with focus on child psychology.

Speaks in Japanese, English, and Hindi.


Ivan Foo

Ivan has been working with the more subtle – yet critical – aspects of human aspirations for the best part of his career; starting with Team-building, Executive Headhunting, Recruitment and Career Consultancy, and progressing into Executive Coaching services for professionals.



With more than 10 years of Senior Level Recruitment, Ivan has supported countless individuals through coaching conversations focusing on outcomes and results that matter to them. Ivan spans professional work-life and self-improvement themes with clients, giving them the uplift in performance they seek.


He is  a faculty member of a coach training institute, training aspiring coaches to impact more lives.



Professional Certified Coach (ACC) ICF


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