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Extraordinary Leaders

We all agree the world is changing, leading change in business and across the organisation is now an integral part of of all top leaders skill sets.


Learn effective and proven tools and techniques that will help you move your business into the next generation of growth and innovation.

  • Find out how to inspire your workforce so they follow you with passion.

  • Learn how to activate your growth mindset to supercharge your performance.

  • Boost your resilience and energise your creativity.

  • Activate agile thinking & get into the drivers' seat of your conscious & subconscious brain.


For Senior Executives

      Managing Change

      Managing a change programme, either as part of a larger initiative or merger/acquisition, takes planning and focussed activities.


      Learn the fundamentals of successful change management strategy, approach, activities and key deliverables to ensure your change initiative succeeds first time.

      • Learn practical project management tools and hit your timeline.

      • Real time hands-on change management techniques you can apply immediately.

      • Ensure success by managing and mitigating issues & risks.

      • Be part of the 20% who successfully manages change.


      For HR, Project Sponsors & Teams

          Global to Local Leadership

          It is a common challenge for global companies to successfully transition from expat leadership to local talent.


          Cultural differences in management and leadership styles often lead to internal  issues.


          Learn how to groom local talent so they can take-over with ease and grace.

          • Learn how to have higher impact and influence across the tiers of business.

          • How to successfully manoeuvre the internal political landscape.

          • Gain more confidence to powerfully communicate and persuade across different mediums and channels.

          • Effective personal branding, internally and externally to excel in your career. 


          For Senior Executives

              New Leaders

              Ensure you have a pipeline of emerging leaders as part of your succession planning, give them the core skills and an inside-out approach to leadership that will grow and mature as they do within your business.


              Learn the core competency leadership skill set as well as effective management tools and techniques to bolster their confidence and hone their leadership mindset, and they will prove to be an invaluable asset.

              • Build instant rapport and make friends of everyone! This will grow your circle of people that want to help you.

              • Learn both the roles of manager and leader.

              • Practice the art of delegation and people management.


              Emerging Leaders

                  Rise: Women Leaders

                  All the research and evidence show that companies perform significantly better with women in top positions. With the push for diversity across the workforce, especially in c-suite and boards, grow your business and growing the number of high performing women.


                  Learn how to support women leaders rise to the top whilst retaining the unique female quality that compliments and helps a company in its diversity and innovation.

                  • Learn how to lead change.

                  • Develop confidence as an authentic leader.

                  • Find the balance between a successful career and the balance the personal with the professional life.

                  • Tap into your resilience and flex your muscle of adaptability to ensure success. 

                  • Boost your influence and personal brand. 


                  Women Leaders

                      Leading Self

                      Only when you have you have dealt with your inner world, can you impact the outer world. We cannot outperform our self-image. To level-up takes more than just technical skills.


                      Learn how to refresh and reset your internal set point. Then consciously choose who you want to be through inside-out rework.  


                      The 6 Self Modules are: Self- Awareness, Self-regulation, Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance, Self-initiative, Self-Talk

                      • Inside-out work for greater clarity and insight.

                      • Inner strength for outer confidence. 

                      • Become the quiet calm in a storm.

                      • Readjust your inner compass and solidify your foundation.


                      All Leaders

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